Movin’ Up in the World

I have joined the ranks of the fancy.


No, I didn’t get a mug. I got a real camera.

Finally, I can take the pictures my cat deserves.


It’s a Canon Rebel T5, which my friends in the know say is the right speed for a beginner. I bought it refurbished from Canon, because even this mother of all starter models costs about a month’s rent new.

My friend pointed me toward a good basic lens to get when I want expand my repertoire. It’s apparently dirt cheap. It’s $100. I’m used to less expensive hobbies.

This is something like an investment, though. Until now I’ve been taking pictures on my phone. It took decent pictures when I got it in 2013, but its time is past. It couldn’t pick up every little seed on this leek blossom.


Or show that hair stuck to this onion in such minute detail. Why is there a hair on this onion? Already my perception of the world is opening up.


Or select such a narrow depth of field on my swing-top bottled Cincinnati Pale Ale. Is this a good picture, or is this a lame abuse of aperture? I don’t know. I barely understand aperture as it is, and I still have a lot to learn.


At least as I learn it should be easier to stumble across decent pictures.



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