A New Batch of Mead

New labels and matching bottles in 750 and 375 ml. Uncle Beth’s Old-Fashioned Mead is movin’ up in the world.


One thought on “A New Batch of Mead

  1. Yes. I get the joke with the handlebar mustache on a woman as being a symbol “old fashioned”. Not sure why the “uncle” though. “Aunt” with a mustache may be funnier, in my humble opinion.

    But…. and oh, I do not want to be too PC here but I am still going to say it anyway…. it does seem to imply that good mead can only be made when including a male masculine element.

    It does seem to me, at least, there is a marketing impression that a woman, without some masculine assistance, can not make great mead. Which, from following your blog, I doubt is true. 🙂


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